Smile Advantage Plan

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Smile Advantage Plan

We live in a world where change comes quickly. In the past, families had greater access dental insurance through their employer; but many employers have had to reduce the benefits they offer. We are sensitive to these changes and we are here to help!

A healthy smile is key to your overall health and well-being. Don’t delay reclaim your smile today and enjoy a healthier life with our Smile Advantage Plan!

$398 annually for Adults (18 years and older)

$250 annually for children (under age 18)


2 Prophylaxis (routine cleaning*)

2 exams per year

1 set of necessary x-rays

1 fluoride treatment for children

With the Smile Advantage Plan, patients are eligible to receive 10% off all recommended treatment which includes crowns, fillings, root canal therapy, and oral surgery.

*Please note: Periodontal Maintenance will have an additional cost of $35 each for the first two per year. Smile Advantage does not include orthodontic treatment and cannot be combined with other offers.

Smile Advantage Plan is an annual plan that covers up to a full year (12 months) from the date that the plan starts and any unused services will not be reimbursed.