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Dental Implants

When teeth fail, dental implants can help if we are faced with gaps in our smile that affect our appearance and many oral functions. Tooth loss can diminish our self-confidence and make eating and speaking a challenge. In the past, the only alternative for tooth loss was dentures. Dentures are limited in their ability to restore the aesthetics and utility of teeth, unlike dental implants in Arlington.


Today, dental implant restorations offer an amazing treatment that can provide beauty and full function to your smile. Learn more about the many advantages of dental implants by consulting with Dr. Smita Sabharwal. Her SKS Dental office in Arlington guarantees quality dental restorations.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants can replace missing teeth and look very natural. They are designed not to move or slip along the gums and to help you regain the function and form of the tooth you lost. This makes them excellent alternatives to bridgework and dentures.

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Dental Implants Before & After
Dental Implants Before & After
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Ideal Candidates for Dental Implants

The most suitable candidates for dental implants are people who have lost at least one tooth and are looking for a permanent replacement that feels and looks natural.

Ideal candidates have enough jawbone to undergo the procedure, a completely developed jawbone structure, healthy gum tissue, and no health condition that affects post-surgery recovery.

Some people do not qualify for dental implants. These include children and teens up to 18-19 years old who still have developing jawbones, people over age 85, those who have poor oral hygiene, people who are unwilling to wear dentures, and those who smoke cigarettes or chew tobacco.

Your Dental Implants Consultation

During the preliminary consultation, Dr. Sabharwal will examine your teeth, jaw, and gums to check if you have enough foundation to hold a titanium post, which would be attached to the jawbone. Dental x-rays might be necessary to check for bone mass, especially if you want to replace more than a single tooth.

Think about the questions you will ask in advance. Making sure to be as well-informed as possible will help you go into the procedure with confidence. Listen closely to Dr. Sabharwal’s instructions about preparation and aftercare.

Procedure of Dental Implant Restorations

Dental implant restorations offer the remarkable benefit of replacing a tooth root, as well as a tooth crown. Traditionally, tooth loss was only cosmetically treated with appliances that rest on top of the gums.

Dental implants consist of titanium posts that are placed into the jaw bone, and a porcelain crown is then attached to the post with an abutment. After an oral surgeon places the implant in the jaw bone, the post fuses to the jaw bone through osseointegration, which is a healing process that requires about three months’ time. After the healing process is complete, Dr. Sabharwal will fabricate a custom abutment (which serves as your tooth) and an implant crown to restore your mouth to optimal function.

People can replace a single tooth, a row of teeth, or a full arch of teeth using dental implants. The prosthetic crowns can be matched to neighboring teeth, or for those receiving a full arch restoration, they can be custom made according to preferences in shape, size, and color.

Superior Benefits of Dental Implant Treatment for Tooth Loss

Unlike traditional tooth replacements that rely on adhesives to attach to gums, implants function exactly like a tooth root. There are many benefits to this, such as:

  • The jaw bone does not atrophy because it continues to receive stimulation.
  • Other teeth do not move out of alignment.
  • Biting and chewing functions remain strong.
  • No appliance is covering the palate, eliminating speech issues
  • The facial structure remains stable.
  • Repeated adjustment of removable dentures is not necessary.
  • There is no soreness of soft tissue caused by the rubbing of traditional dentures.

The Recovery Process

After the dental implant surgery, you may experience some bruising, swelling of the face and gums, minor bleeding, and pain at the treated site.

You may need to take antibiotics or pain medication. You may also need to maintain a soft food diet during recovery and avoid smoking to prevent implant failure.

The Cost of Dental Implants

Dental implant cost depends on how many teeth you want replaced and how complex the procedure is. Some insurance providers do not cover the price of dental implants, so you should work out the payment arrangements first.

Contact Dr. Smita Sabharwal for Quality Dental Implant Restorations

Give SKS Dental a call if you are in need of dental implants in Arlington after experiencing tooth loss and would like to learn more about dental implant restorations. Providing professional care, Dr. Sabharwal can consult with you about all the options available to treat missing teeth.

I really appreciated my visits with Dr.Sabharwal. She was extremely patient and even better she has small hands to get into those far places into your mouth. My dental insurance did not cover the needed dental work but I found the dental care with in my budget. SKS Dental accommodated my schedule as well. I never waited more than five minutes for my appointment and Dr. Sabharwal was kind enough to meet me when I was available. I highly recommend Dr. Sabharwal to anyone who is searching for a professional, competent and warm-hearted dentist.


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