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First Visit

During your child’s first dental visit at our Arlington pediatric office, we take the time to ensure they receive the care they need at their pace. SKS Dental makes first visits fun and exciting, and utilizes the latest in children’s dentistry to keep young smiles healthy. Our dentists and team are committed to creating the best possible experience for kids, one that helps them feel safe and happy under our care.

Introducing your Child to Preventive Dentistry and Exams

Your child’s first visit begins with taking a seat in the hygiene chair, where our gentle assistants clean their teeth and assess their oral health. During this time, our team counts their teeth with your child and ensures they feel comfortable. Once their exam is completed, the doctor will come in to speak to you about the findings and if additional treatment is needed. Even if your child requires a filling or crown, the only steps taken during the first visit are a simple cleaning, assessment, and treatment plan development.

We focus on preventive treatments to ensure your child’s teeth stay healthy and strong. It’s important for children to visit the dentist by the age of one, as any teeth that have erupted are susceptible to developing early cavities. As growth and development occur, it is important to watch for potential problems and treat them early in order prevent more complex and costly procedures. Our dental practice provides comprehensive dental care to ensure every child has a healthy, protected smile.

Creating Confident Dental Patients

We understand that a majority of adult dental patients do not see their dentist bi-annually due to fears and anxiety. We find it important to create positive dental experiences for patients at young ages, allowing them to associate dental care with fun and friendliness. We support children’s wellness and provide education that keeps them interested in dental care. Our dental team takes the time to talk to your child, introducing them to the way dental exams are completed and any special tools used during the hygiene check.

We never use language children find intimidating, such as drill or injection. Instead, we give fun names to each tool and always exude an attitude of calm.

Many times, if children are relaxed and provided with encouragement during their visit, they will have no problem with dental treatment.

If children are uncomfortable during the first visit, we invite you and your child back at a later time when they feel more comfortable for an examination or any necessary treatments.

Comfortable First Visits Lead to Healthy Smiles – Contact Us Today!

SKS Dental is passionate about children’s preventive dental exams and strives to ensure your child receives the best care possible. For more information about your first visit to our Arlington dental office, schedule an appointment today!

I am so glad! landed in Dr. Sabharwal’s chair! Her gracious customer service and exceptional dental skill set delivers a patient experience of the highest caliber. As a nursing supervisor for surgical services I noted a very clean environment that has been designed for a spa experience in a very private setting. I would urge anyone seeking to establish a future with a professional and caring dentist to find your own way to Dr. Sabharwa’s chair too!


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