Chairside Aerosol Suction Units

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Chairside Aerosol Suction Units

Chairside Aerosol Suction Units Reduce the Spread of COVID-19 at SKS Dental

SKS Dental continuously strives to add comfort and confidence in the safety and protection of our patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Smita Sabharwal and her staff have always adhered to strict guidelines with regards to CDC mandates. We have added an additional layer of safety to facilitate the care and protection of our patients and staff by purchasing top of the line chairside aerosol suction units. These extra oral suction units continuously prevent viruses, spit, blood, dust and more from spreading into the air.

We are confident that the extra oral suction units will provide an additional layer of protection to our strict safety protocols.

How Does the Chairside Aerosol Unit Provide Protection?

Dr. Sabharwal uses chairside aerosol suction to prevent the spread of covid-19 in her Arlington office. An aerosol is a tiny solid particle, liquid droplet, or gas that can remain suspended in the air for a period of time. Aerosols can present themselves when performing certain dental procedures. These units manage aerosols by providing a healthy and clean treatment process by utilizing a device with continuous suction.

At SKS Dental, the health and safety of our patients is our top priority. The hairside aerosol suction unit is just one more precaution that we are taking to reduce the spread of COIVD-19 and other infectious diseases. Please contact our office in Arlington, VA to schedule your appointment.